Thank you for checking out the Abide in the Word Podcast page. This podcast is the joint effort between Pastor Mike Hovland of Grace Bible Fellowship and myself, Lauren Dyck. Our desire is to glorify God through the teaching and discussion of God’s Word.

Due to busy family, church, and work schedules, we do not have a set frequency for the release of new episodes, but our goal is to produce a new episode approximately once a month (though this could vary depending on time). We will be looking at numerous topics, doctrines, systematic theology, etc., and our prayer is that each one of you who takes the time to listen, will be edified in your walk with the Lord.

Another thing we would like to do is offer you, the listener, an opportunity to submit a question for us to answer. All questions will be reviewed, and if necessary, multiple questions on the same, or similar, topic may be combined into one for brevity. To submit a question, click the “Contact” tab on the menu at the top of this page, or send them to me directly via email, text, or my social media pages.

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Soli Deo Gloria!